Lakeshore Records will release 1979 Revolution: Black Friday – Original Video Game Soundtrack digitally onMay 13, 2016. The album features the game's original score by Nima Fakhrara.

Called "A truly revolutionary video game," by The New Yorker. BuzzFeed says, "You're Going to Love This."1979 Revolution: Black Friday has already been featured in both videogame and mainstream press including NPR, BBC, Washington Post, and Time Magazine.

"The beauty of this game is that it has different points of views, the player chooses and explorers these views, its the players perspective not the game itself," explained Fakhrara. "The game itself has no political agenda, it's more as a platform to be a storyteller and also in some ways an educational avenue. My background of being an Iranian American brought a different approach to the musical ideas of this game. Been brought up in an Iranian family but being raised in an American culture allowed me to capture both worlds."

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